The Sims Family And Our Geekery
    James had his very first Father's Day, and well, he handled it like a pro, changing diapers and everything!  He got a ThinkGeek card and Portal 2 from Penny. She knows what her daddy wants :)  It is so great to see James and Penny interact, especially as he tries to impart timeless wisdom, like Episode IV comes first, midichlorians do not exist in the proper Star Wars universe, and the only plumbers that should have mustaches are named Mario and Luigi. That last bit of wisdom I question, but eh, no biggie. Silliness aside, he is a wonderful father, caring, patient, and you can see the love radiating from him when he looks at her. He once told me he wouldn't make a good father and thought he wouldn't want kids, but Penny has challenged that, and there are even talks of giving her a sibling sometime in the future. He's fallen and fallen hard.
    I look forward to seeing Penny grow up and her relationship with her daddy grow as well. Lots of afternoon video gaming, costumes at conventions, bedtime stories, and love.