The Sims Family And Our Geekery

The Geek Family Sims

    Don't let this photo fool you, we're not this normal, nor do we hang around staring at our baby while she wears nothing but a black diaper cover.  You would usually find us in t-shirts (most likely with a saying or reference to something in the nerd-realm) and jeans, being silly, doing homework, or being parents to our nooblet Penny. We love to settling in for the night with some Oreos and Whataburger milkshakes, watch Eureka, Dr. Who, Phineas and Ferb, or play a game of Nintendo monopoly. We have conversations that start with "You know how when you're trying to quest in..." and at one time spent time together by playing World of Warcraft, since it meant we could play together. 

    If James had it his way, he'd have a closet full of t-shirts with obscure and goofy references and he'd have his own TV for anime. As it is, he has a few geeky shirts, which his loving wife likes to get him, and he watches anime when he's trying to get Miss Penny to sleep and Evangeline is out doing laundry.  Having a baby has changed up priorities, but we still like to let our geek flag fly when we can. This page is to keep up with our family news and photos, share some our favorite things, and James and Evangeline will take turns blogging.  Thanks for stopping by!

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