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Penny is asleep in her rocker, while Eve and I watch Episode 6 on Spike.  This is the "enhanced" version with the added CGI.  These additions could have been a lot worse.  I liked what they did in A New Hope, since most of the additions merely tacked on a couple extra minutes.  But I go to my grave with this: HAN SHOT FIRST! I will teach this to Penny so that she may carry on the fight after I'm gone.  Lucasfilm wanted to change that and make him appear more honorable.  Han was a brute and a scoundrel, living the dog-eat-dog  life of an underworld figure.  It's easy to imagine he would've got in a sneak attack when he could.  Empire did fine with the CGI, except that it just did not add anything to the movie itself.  Mostly just patches of extra scenery.  Plus I guess the original ending wasn't good enough, so they toss in an ending shot with a loose knit fleet heading out into the stars.  Jedi was kind of the same way except for two spots: Jabba's palace musical number - Really?  You guys didn't learn anything from Jar Jar, you go and do this? - and the ending - we want the good Anakin, not the whiny Anakin.  Again, I will teach Penny these things, because that's what a good parent does. :P

Behold the Truth of the Nerd!!  (It's not even on Blu-Ray.  Seriously?)



Mon, 04 Jul 2011 02:05:23

Han shot what first?


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