The Sims Family And Our Geekery
Penny had lots of avocado tonight.  I fear for the diaper.

Its 95 degrees at 10 at night.  Phoenix is EVIL!!!!

I want to go see the Green Lantern movie.  I think DC does a better job adapting comics than Marvel.  I just have fewer complaints with those movies. 

I found this vid on YouTube and I thought it was funny.  Enjoy!
I'm really just stalling because I don't want to start on my 10 page research paper for English 102, because it LONG *childish whine*.  On the flip side, it's also the final project for class.  Oh well.  Best man up and get to it.  Later!



Thu, 16 Jun 2011 15:18:09

Go to the drive in! We saw Super 8 Tuesday night at the drive-in, for $4.50! Also, we were able to walk Beth around when she got restless. Bring camping chairs so you can set up outside, inside the car was hot.


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