The Sims Family And Our Geekery
As a cloth diapering family, laundry is a big part of our lives, and sometimes, we find ourselves planning around laundry day.  Right now, we live in an apartment complex with shared laundry rooms, so there is no tossing a load in to wash and coming back later. While this may seem like a pain, most of the time, it gives me or James the chance for some me-time.  We take a book, DS or iPod, and enjoy an hour or two alone with our book or game while the other hangs out with Penny.  Today was a laundry day, which, oddly, rarely lands on a Saturday. Most of the time we have to maneuver around work, naps, visitors and church to find time, but not today. Today was a family day, just us, which was wonderful.
    Before laundry, we headed to the library, a necessary part of Penny's geek-in-training status, plus I had some books on hold.  Other than baths and her felt vegetables, there isn't much Penny loves more than story time, especially with Daddy. The words, the voices, the bright pictures, snuggling with her favorite people, it can't get much better, you know?  So, before hunkering down for laundry day, we put her hat on and strapped her into her car seat and headed for Burton Barr Central Library. Once there, we picked up her reading card and began the search for books to read to her. I love all the options, and seeing all the kids with their stacks of books and remembering all the reading I did as a kid. I read anything and everything I could get my hands on, often opting for reading over any other activity.  I hope Penny loves reading at least half as much as her mommy and daddy do.
    We came home, bringing takeout to enjoy as we gathered up the diapers and other laundry, Penny babbled away, sometimes at the top of her lungs.  The amount of laughter in this household is wonderful, teasing, joking, and the joy we get watching our little girl grow. There are days I marvel at the fact that I have a little human in my charge, a little one so joyful and unique.  We are a blessed family, and sometimes, it takes a simple day, nothing special, to realize that. The library, laundry, and so much laughter.



Sebastian Ramriez

Mon, 13 Jun 2011 12:43:42

I was wondering if you wipe down the books? In Chicago I noticed people with all sorts of skin diseases so I always wipe my library books down with a cleaner. Also, does Penny try and eat your books. I have a hard time as June always wants to taste them and maybe chew a corner off.



Mon, 13 Jun 2011 12:49:17

She actually never really handles the library books. We let her play with her books as much as she wants, but the library books are mainly for story time, so only James or I touch them. This may change when she gets more grabby :P


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