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For Starters... 06/10/2011
Howdy folks!  This is the part where I start our family blog.  May the readers forgive me. :P

Penny blew out her diaper.  The cover is in the bucket recovering.  I think it's in shock.  I think heard it mumbling something about Penny's bottom having  a High Crit Rating (Warcraft fans will appreciate).

I just watched a trailer for X-Men: First Class.  The first time I saw it, I groaned.  I'm one of those nerds that goes nuts when such fundamental changes occur with beloved subjects (in this case, comics).  [begin /rant] In the establish timeline, the X-Men were never formed when Xavier and Magneto were friends.  The X-men were formed afterwards as an example of the Professor's philosophy of tolerance and understanding, as opposed to Magneto's desire for his version of justice for all mutantkind. [end /rant].  Stuff like that, really.  I'm sure it's a fine movie if you ignore this nitpicking, and I wouldn't mind going to see it.  Transformers, on the other hand, is utter CGI evil.  (note to self:  do not rant, once is enough).

And now to cheer us all up.  a video call to please continue gaming.  For the children!



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