The Sims Family And Our Geekery
Penny's got a nutty laugh.  She not so much laughs, as coughs out the giggles. It's very raspy and adorable. Her most recent chuckles came from a song about meatloaf (No, kids, I didn't make that up, nor the song.  I don't have that skill set). Phineas and Ferb had a new episode that featured a song about meatloaf.  I sang along and Penny found this hilarious. I just hope real meatloaf doesn't make her laugh, because Eve makes great meatloaf.

Eve asked me about why Captain America would be frozen in a block of ice.  It took all of my will to hold back my inner nerd from saying "How have you not learned this??  You must be taught!!"  and then proceed to a comic store for a life lesson.  :P

Well with that out of the way, I'm off to write some more of my research paper.  I'm on page 4 of 10.  I hope to make it to page 5.  If I can do that, then I should be able to finish, or be close to it by the end of tomorrow.  Eve is giving me all day, and I appreciate that very much.  I love her and Penny always.

Oh and before I forget.  I've had this song in my head ALL day.  and now I unleash it upon the populace.  MUAH HAHAHA!!!
I know.  I'm a little ashamed of myself too.
    The first text message I sent today was to my husband was to tell him Peter Falk had died. His response, "Dude."  Like many of my generation, I grew up with Peter Falk as the Grandfather in The Princess Bride or the unforgettable detective in the old trench coat on Columbo (or, if you catch it, as the tramp in The Great Muppet Caper).  My mom often recalls one of her favorite scenes from Columbo, where Det. Columbo goes to a homeless shelter to ask some questions and the woman in charge mistakes him for someone seeking help, offering him new shoes and a hot meal.  He played his characters well, and no one who ever saw him on screen will forget him.  I loved him as the kind, but rough around the edges grandfather, when Fred Savage's character says, "See! I told you she wouldn't marry that horrible Humperdink!" and he replys, "Yes, yes, you're very smart. Not Shaddup."  Nothing profound, but that line always made me smile. He was the grandfather who would come read to you, everyday if you wanted, and when I read the book years later, of course, I imagined Peter Falk when I read the grandfather's dialogue.

If you like, share  your favorite Peter Falk memory below.
    James had his very first Father's Day, and well, he handled it like a pro, changing diapers and everything!  He got a ThinkGeek card and Portal 2 from Penny. She knows what her daddy wants :)  It is so great to see James and Penny interact, especially as he tries to impart timeless wisdom, like Episode IV comes first, midichlorians do not exist in the proper Star Wars universe, and the only plumbers that should have mustaches are named Mario and Luigi. That last bit of wisdom I question, but eh, no biggie. Silliness aside, he is a wonderful father, caring, patient, and you can see the love radiating from him when he looks at her. He once told me he wouldn't make a good father and thought he wouldn't want kids, but Penny has challenged that, and there are even talks of giving her a sibling sometime in the future. He's fallen and fallen hard.
    I look forward to seeing Penny grow up and her relationship with her daddy grow as well. Lots of afternoon video gaming, costumes at conventions, bedtime stories, and love.
Penny had lots of avocado tonight.  I fear for the diaper.

Its 95 degrees at 10 at night.  Phoenix is EVIL!!!!

I want to go see the Green Lantern movie.  I think DC does a better job adapting comics than Marvel.  I just have fewer complaints with those movies. 

I found this vid on YouTube and I thought it was funny.  Enjoy!
I'm really just stalling because I don't want to start on my 10 page research paper for English 102, because it LONG *childish whine*.  On the flip side, it's also the final project for class.  Oh well.  Best man up and get to it.  Later!
As a cloth diapering family, laundry is a big part of our lives, and sometimes, we find ourselves planning around laundry day.  Right now, we live in an apartment complex with shared laundry rooms, so there is no tossing a load in to wash and coming back later. While this may seem like a pain, most of the time, it gives me or James the chance for some me-time.  We take a book, DS or iPod, and enjoy an hour or two alone with our book or game while the other hangs out with Penny.  Today was a laundry day, which, oddly, rarely lands on a Saturday. Most of the time we have to maneuver around work, naps, visitors and church to find time, but not today. Today was a family day, just us, which was wonderful.
    Before laundry, we headed to the library, a necessary part of Penny's geek-in-training status, plus I had some books on hold.  Other than baths and her felt vegetables, there isn't much Penny loves more than story time, especially with Daddy. The words, the voices, the bright pictures, snuggling with her favorite people, it can't get much better, you know?  So, before hunkering down for laundry day, we put her hat on and strapped her into her car seat and headed for Burton Barr Central Library. Once there, we picked up her reading card and began the search for books to read to her. I love all the options, and seeing all the kids with their stacks of books and remembering all the reading I did as a kid. I read anything and everything I could get my hands on, often opting for reading over any other activity.  I hope Penny loves reading at least half as much as her mommy and daddy do.
    We came home, bringing takeout to enjoy as we gathered up the diapers and other laundry, Penny babbled away, sometimes at the top of her lungs.  The amount of laughter in this household is wonderful, teasing, joking, and the joy we get watching our little girl grow. There are days I marvel at the fact that I have a little human in my charge, a little one so joyful and unique.  We are a blessed family, and sometimes, it takes a simple day, nothing special, to realize that. The library, laundry, and so much laughter.

For Starters... 06/10/2011
Howdy folks!  This is the part where I start our family blog.  May the readers forgive me. :P

Penny blew out her diaper.  The cover is in the bucket recovering.  I think it's in shock.  I think heard it mumbling something about Penny's bottom having  a High Crit Rating (Warcraft fans will appreciate).

I just watched a trailer for X-Men: First Class.  The first time I saw it, I groaned.  I'm one of those nerds that goes nuts when such fundamental changes occur with beloved subjects (in this case, comics).  [begin /rant] In the establish timeline, the X-Men were never formed when Xavier and Magneto were friends.  The X-men were formed afterwards as an example of the Professor's philosophy of tolerance and understanding, as opposed to Magneto's desire for his version of justice for all mutantkind. [end /rant].  Stuff like that, really.  I'm sure it's a fine movie if you ignore this nitpicking, and I wouldn't mind going to see it.  Transformers, on the other hand, is utter CGI evil.  (note to self:  do not rant, once is enough).

And now to cheer us all up.  a video call to please continue gaming.  For the children!